Online Training


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When you take a Freedom School Online membership, you can access the starter module videos of each online course we offer. The videos are must be followed online and cannot. They are meant to be followed regularly. If you JOIN, you will find the videos under YOUR PROFILE on this website. If you want to progress in any course and get access to the next videos you have to send us a feedback video of yourself performing every exercise in the module, at least once. Send the video on Whatsapp, or upload it to youtube or Vimeo and send a link. We will then evaluate your video and give you feedback, and if your movements are up to standard, we give you access to the next module videos in the course. And so the process repeats. You can study as many courses as you want and learn at your own pace. The videos are mostly form to be followed and not much explanation.

Please note that the only way you can get value out of your membership is by sending us regular feedback videos. If you do not train regularly, it has no value. 


6 Month Online Membership - $70
12 Month Online Membership - $115
12 Month Regular Student Membership (for people who train with Hans Menck IN PERSON only) - $35
12 Month Special discount Membership (for financially disadvantaged, must write request letter to Hans Menck) - $18
Payments on this site are made through Paypal only.


Online Students who complete a certain course to the standard deemed necessary by teacher Hans Menck will have his permission to teach and pass on that specific discipline. The online student's name will be added on a teaching permission database on this website. No online student has reached this level yet, but if one does, we can discuss the printing or creation of a certificate verifying the above. The certificate may cost something but we can discuss that when the time comes. 

BLACK BELTS. Black belts are a modern invention of the previous century in Japanese martial arts and have been adopted now in the martial arts of many other cultures. Not all arts have black belts, for instance you cannot have a black belt in capoeira or tai chi. If you have the Freedom School's permission to teach a discipline it implies that you have a black belt level of skill in that discipline.

To be graded to Freedom School Black Belt by Hans Menck the student will have to be a well rounded martial artist, able to display an understanding of the form, health and self defense aspects of an art or a range of arts. Ordinarily it takes about 5 years of regular training for someone to reach that level, but people with previous experience or natural ability or very hard practise can progress much faster. No online student has reached this level in their training, but if one comes through the modules and can display the discipline to the necessary standard, the student can be graded and certified as a Freedom School black belt in a certain discipline or range of disciplines. Once again this and the possible costs to cover our time and possible expenses can be discussed when the situation arises. Black belts are just a sign of a skill and experience level. They are completely meaningless if they are not backed up by skill. 


The Freedom School currently offers the following courses:

-       Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) - Beijing 24 foundation, form and function
-       Swimming Dragon (taiyi you long gong) – foundation and form
-       Baguazhang (eight trigram palm) – forms and function
-       Bagua Sword (Jian) – a complete solo form
-       Aikido Basics – foundation for aikido practice
-       Aikido Sword (Ken) - foundation
-       Aikido Staff (Jo) - foundation
-       Capoeira – all techniques you need to know to play
-       Muay Thai Buran - foundation
-       Freedom Martial Art - comprehensive hybrid martial art
-       Freedom Sword -  building blocks of sword and weapons use
-       Freedom Martial Yoga – solo exercises for health and vitality 


How to give online feedback?

1.     Our instructional videos contain sets of exercises that are explained in some detail. You need to practice all these exercises, paying as much attention to detail as possible

2.     If you want feedback or advice on any exercise you can contact us and/or you can send us a video of yourself doing the exercise. Keep it short to save time units. Submit videos via email or upload to youtube or vimeo or similar. But first contact us to establish the method of video transfer. These first contacts will not be deducted from time units, we are happy to hear from you!

3.     When you feel you are comfortable with the exercises you can submit an evaluation video

4.     In an evaluation video you have to perform all the exercises of the module clearly, to the left and to the right, or clockwise and anticlockwise. You do not need many repetitions, one clear repetition will be enough.

5.     Submit the video and gain feedback (via email or skype) and if the instructor decides you are ready, gain access to the next level module.

6.     You can use this process for any or all of our online courses

7.     We wish you good luck and look forward to assist you in your studies.