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Massage by Hans Menck
Contact Hans for a treatment: (0027) 074 024 2990 
The massage is intuitive, based on TCM theory of energy (qi), pressure points, meridian theory, microcosmic orbit, posture, alignment, breath, and the Vedic concepts of prana, the chakras and kundalini.

Acupuncture by Dr Thomas Jahn
Dr Thomas Jahn is a qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), esp. acupuncture and herbal medicine. He is an experienced internal martial artist and the Freedom School's consultant on all matters regarding TCM. His practice is in the House of Holistic Health in Kloof street, Cape Town. For a consultation contact Dr Jahn at (0027) 079 5178544

Chiropractor, Nolte Coetzee
Nolte Coetzee was qualified as a chiropractor in the USA and now practices chiropractics in Stellenbosch. He is the head teacher at Stellenbosch Hot Yoga Studio and is a student of Freedom martial arts. (0027) 072 6096009

The relation between martial arts and healing
The martial arts and the healing arts have been linked paths for thousands of years in the far east, where healers were often martial artists and vice versa. Martial arts and healing arts are both concerned with the human physiology and psychology, the generation and manipulation of life force (qi), and the disruption or creation of ballance in the body. Through years of training, martial artists have experienced pain, injury and fatigue in every part of their bodies and they have had to deal with these setbacks personally, so they understand pain and injury deeply. This puts them in a position to understand pain and injury in another body on a level that is intuitively empathetic. Through training they can generate power, vitality and stamina within their own bodies. A person who can generate energy (qi) at will can use this energy to heal another body. The knowledge of creating vitality in one's self against great odds is the same knowledge needed to help another body generate vitality to heal.

The dedicated practice of internal martial arts (neijia) develops sensitivity to sensations inside one's own body. Through meditative learning processes a level of body awareness is achieved that goes beyond normal sense perception. And when inward body awareness is developed, it becomes possible to be aware of the inward state of other bodies. This awareness can be used to heal, or for combat.
Healing and martial arts have the same source, but oposing function. The relation between martial arts and healing has been understood in old cultures and it is still consistant today.